Shoutout to Systems Thinking

CanvasRebel is an on-line magazine dedicated to the sharing of important or formative stories from entrepreneurs, artists and other creatives.  I was recently featured in an article about key transitional moments in the history of my business.  The most important of these transitions came about through a happy coincidence of external circumstances and internal insights and knowledge acquisition.  In the article, I talk about the importance of systems thinking as a tool of analysis for understanding the underlying and often hidden dynamics that steer businesses into less-than-optimal levels of functioning.

Systems Thinking

In my case, my discovery and research into systems thinking (internal insights and knowledge acquisition) was taking off just as COVID hit (external circumstances).  The COVID slowdown gave me the time and the headspace to bring the tool of systems thinking analysis to my business and the results of that analysis led me to make major changes to my nearly twenty-year-old business, changes that made the business healthier, more sustainable and better positioned to meet the needs of its clients and community.

The article can be found in the link below.

CanvasRebel — Meet Joe Carry