Testimonials - Decumanus Green
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Happy Clients

Dear Joe,

Though I hesitate to fill your email inbox, I feel compelled to write just to thank you.

You were so friendly, so efficient, so knowledgeable, and I am so thankful. I’m glad that you’ll be able to take on my project, though I know it will take some time. It seems that you and your high level of service are worth the wait.

I’m so thankful for and excited for this project, and it means a lot to me to be in such good hands.





Your team did a fabulous job with the insulation at our home in Worthington. Very professional!


Worthington, MA


The guys did a great job! It’s so nice and warm upstairs now 🙂


Pittsfield, MA


You have a great team and I am glad I was here to meet them for Day 2. I learned a lot and hope I didn’t get in their way. They worked well together, got the job done and went the extra mile, too. I’m very grateful! First cold day and we’re nice and warm!


Lenox, MA


We have now done 3 major remodeling jobs with Decumanus Green Design/Build. The end result in all cases was beautiful and satisfying. The team was hard working, respectful of our home, and always cleaned up well after each day. The work was done in a timely manner. We are very happy and will use them again.


Marc and Eileen Rosenthal
Lenox, MA


Joe Carry of Decumanus Green is a fine craftsman whose attention to detail elevated the design of our home. In addition to his other fine work, his elegant framing of our windows and doors is noted by many guests in our home. Joe is prompt, honest, thorough and has a great eye!


Chet and Deborah Davis
Spencertown, NY


Now that we have been living in our expanded home for some time we truly appreciate the fine work that you did in the house. You, and Mark Smith, as well as all your workers, should be proud of the fine product that you produced. For your information, the insulation that you used must be enormous, as we have not yet, despite being there for two winters, turned on the supplemental electric baseboard heat in the new bedroom. Indeed, we often shut off the heat after running it for an hour or so and that keeps the bedroom warm an entire weekend. Furthermore, the snow remained on the roof in the house for the entire winter indicative of the fact that no heat was escaping through the roof. Well done on that job.


George Steifel
Stockbridge, MA