Radio Spot Blog By Joe Carry

There are many things I love about running my own building company, but chief among them are the communities that my business connects me to.  Whether it is the large community of NESEA that I have written about elsewhere in this blog (Sept 18) or the intimate community of the families whose homes we work on, I love being part of a group of people who are united in common purpose and bound by good-hearted openness.  A recent community that we have joined is the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce.  This is a community of small businesses whose mission is to help build and sustain a vital economy within a vibrant and dynamic community.  COVID has limited Chamber events, but the voice of the chamber has been an important one for informing its members and the wider community about COVID and its effects on businesses, non-profits, individuals and families.

As a new member, Decumanus was given the opportunity to be featured in the Spotlight of the Month program.  Part of the program involves doing a radio spot on the Great Barrington radio station, WSBS.  The broadcast can be heard by clicking on the recording above.  The 5 min spot serves as a great introduction to Decumanus, its history and its mission.