Antics in The Attic.

Weatherization work in attics is never easy.  Attics are often cramped, hot, dark, and dirty places.  It takes a special kind of person to do this work and not many are capable of doing it and doing it well.  And yet the data compiled by Decumanus and many other companies engaged in improving the energy performance of residential buildings strongly conclude that basic weatherization work (air sealing and adding insulation) is the single most effective and cost-effective way of improving our buildings.  The work is hard and the workers are heroic.

I have spoken with several weatherization crews about the difficulty of the work they do.  One of the recurring themes that emerges in these conversations is the importance of keeping a good sense of humor when doing the work.  Some photos from a recent Decumanus job shows that humor at work.

Matt takes advantage of a pause in the action to atch up on some summer reading and snowman-like Homer frolics in the snow-like blown in fiberglass.