$885/Year Utility Bills!

A number of years ago, we built our first net zero capable house.  It is a super-insulated, carefully air-sealed house heated by mini-split, air sourced heat pumps and sporting a 5.45 kw solar array.  The client recently reached out to me to report her utility expense for all of 2018. The house runs entirely on electricity, 83% of which comes from its own solar array or from solar powered inputs to the grid.  The client also burns some wood in a stove for supplemental heat, which she harvests from her own property and costs her nothing. Her utility bill for a year? $885.00. This is for a 2100 square foot house in the very challenging climate of Cummington, Ma.  

Investing in high-performance building shells carries proven economic and comfort benefits for the life of a home.   Something to consider when contemplating a new construction or large renovation project.