Decumanus Green | Services
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Design/Build Services


Decumanus Green provides both design and construction services. We build new homes and we remodel old ones. We can help you to visualize and realize the home that you want.



What is Design-build? In contrast to conventional models, in which an architectural firm designs a project that a client then puts out to bid with several builders who compete to win the bid, the design-build model brings together a client with a single firm that is responsible for the entire process of designing, pricing and building a project. The responsibility is with us alone. Besides design-build’s substantiated track record for lower costs, there are a number of other benefits to the model:



The design-build model depends heavily on a solid, trusting working relationship between the client and the design/builder. The building or renovating of a home is a highly complex process; there are myriad decisions to be made and it requires effective communication between parties. The fundamental ingredient for dealing with that complexity is trust. If that is not there, then no amount of checks and balances can safeguard the integrity of the building process. In design/build, the clients and the firm make a commitment to each other: each works to their utmost to ensure the efficiency and quality of the project.



The design/build process assures that there is a single source of accountability, because clients have a single party to deal with. They are not caught in the middle between the builder and the architect. Problems that arise are the responsibility of a single entity, the design/build firm.



In the design-build process it is in everyone’s interest to constantly strive for the greatest possible clarity. The clients can be up front about budgetary constraints and the builder can be likewise with costs. Because the project is not being put out for the lowest bidder, there is no risk of a lack of clarity in early drawings leading to a lack of commensurability in the bids.