Do-It-Yourself Services


• Do you Enjoy working with your Hands?
• Do you want a Sense of Ownership in your next renovation project?
• Are you looking for Value and Quality in a renovation project?
• Does the “Do It Yourself” ethos draw you but also perhaps intimidate you?

Let Our Experience Guide Your Hands


Decumanus Green is committed to bringing a new level of excellence to the do-it-yourself market. We offer a wide range of support services so that clients can tailor our offerings to meet their specific needs and capabilities. With over 15 years of renovation experience and five years of teaching experience, Decumanus Green knows how to create a professional, supportive and non-intimidating environment for those looking to take on their own renovation project.



Let our designers and architects help you to conceptualize your project. Clients with some drafting skills and a good visual sense can then produce much of the drawings for the project themselves, significantly reducing the cost of the design part of the project and at the same time gaining an increased sense of ownership of the project. We can provide clients with a realistic sense of the savings they can realize by doing some or all of the construction work themselves. Our designers, architects and lead carpenters are available to help you with code and permitting issues as the process moves forward.



One of the more challenging aspects of any remodeling project is the planning and mapping of the construction phase. Decumanus Green can help clients to generate a realistic construction schedule. This would include help with choosing subcontractors and material vendors, as well as help with the scheduling of subcontractors and the staging of material deliveries.



Decumanus Green offers tutorials and hands-on instruction either in your home or at our shop. We also have an extensive library of books and instructional videos to help you learn the skills you need. In all our instructional methods we always place a great emphasis on safe working practices.We can help you to choose, based on your interest and skill level, those aspects of the job that you want to tackle yourself. In many cases we can take over the more technically challenging parts of the construction process and leave you to fill in the more repetitive ones. Because questions almost always arise while clients are doing the work, we also offer technical support over the phone, and, if necessary, emergency on-site visits. Our expertise includes but is not limited to the following trades:

• Framing and trim carpentry
• Cabinet making
• Sheetrock
• Flooring
• Tile work
• Roofing
• Siding
• Windows and Doors
• Decks
• Insulation/Weatherization