Company Mission

Old BarnThe intention of DGDB is to be an agent of positive and holistic development in the Berkshire region. DGDB aspires to be a community of work that nurtures the enthusiastic creativity of its members while enriching the larger community through the products of its work as well as its manner of being a company. At DGDB a certain ethos is developed and nurtured that creates the possibility of genuine and therefore fruitful human interaction and cooperation. This interaction and cooperation have a three-fold goal:

• To provide meaningful and desirable jobs for the members of the company. To be a workplace that edifies the individual, provides for his material needs and security, but also encourages her capacity to go beyond herself in both awareness and action.
• To offer a material benefit for the larger community. To design and create soulful buildings that meet the needs of full human living. To nudge the wider community in the direction of sustainability and holistic living.
• To be a company whose health is judged according to multiple bottom lines: not only according to its self worth but also according to its worth to the larger community.


We at DGDB are committed to the following foundational principles:

• To remember always the centrality of our fundamental craft and to never tire of furthering its development and refinement
• To always recognize the dependency of our craft on a functioning corporate community, understood as an achievement of common meaning and purpose.
• To acknowledge our corporate community’s place within a larger community on which we depend and to which we owe much.